Databases in DMS of Microsoft Access: methodical handbook on computer science

The educational and methodical manual is a complex set of tasks for the development of databases, as well as a set of tasks for independent work and control questions. There are tasks which are provided for work in the program MS Access, and included in the package of application programs Microsoft Office 2010. The development contains both theoretical and practical parts.
This publication is recommended for the teacher for effective formation of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students of the international faculty of various specialties. It will be also useful for students who are starting to study this program for the first time and wish to increase and consolidate their level of knowledge and skills in the field of database development.

Год выпуска: 2018
Авторы: Evgeniy Goryushkin, Е. Ю. Пожидаева
ISBN: 978-5-00118-158-3

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