Economic opportunities for updating of technical park in the grain subcomplex of the region. (Бакалавриат). Монография.

The monograph is devoted to the updating of technical Park of a grain subcomplex of agroindustrial complex of the Ural region. Economic evaluation update of the Technopark are disclosed in the following sequence. Set out the economic substance of the
technical capacity of the organizations of the grain subcomplex, its role in the efficiency of grain-producing industry, named and analyzed the influencing factors. Through the assessment shows the development of the market of agricultural machinery and
equipment and basic prerequisites for the strengthening and optimization of Technopark grain subcomplex. Assessment of the state of the technology Park carried out on the basis of vast statistical material on the technical equipment of the agricultural
organizations and enterprises of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. Using methods of correlation and regression analysis and regression of the pair approbation of methods of assessment of technical condition of the Park and the possibilities of its
optimization. In the analysis, evaluation and proposals formulated the concept of improving the mechanism of reproduction of technical capacity grain subcomplex, shows the principles of its formation and implementation mechanism.

Год выпуска: 2023
Авторы: Максим Валентинович Лысенко, Юлия Валентиновна Лысенко
ISBN: 9785466007541

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