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The key is to subscribe to the materials and functions of homeopathic program HomeoReader (September 2010)

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In September 2010, published the following materials:

Thomas Bradford. Life and Letters of Hahnemann. The next chapter:

Hahnemann's opinion about allopathy - New persecution - an appeal to the courts - pharmacists Leipzig - treatment of Field Marshal Schwarzenberg and his death

Harassment of Dr. Franz - Hahnemann wants peace - Letter to Dr. Billig - The charges against Hartmann - Invitation in Köthen - Letter Stapf - Reasons departure from Leipzig - Dr. A.Dzh.Heynel

The law gives permission to practice homeopathy in Köthen - Resolution Dr. Hahnemann Mossdorfu an assistant - Letter Stapf

Literary work - publication Organon - base archive - the preface to the book "Materia Medica Pura"

Constantine Hering. Home homeopath.

Burns and scalds.

Contact with foreign matter in the human body:

- Eye

- In the ears

- Nose

- In the throat (esophagus)

- The larynx or windpipe

- In the stomach and intestine

- Under the skin

Treatment of diseases. Head:

- Dizziness

- Weak memory

- Rush of blood to the head

Adolph Lippe. Tutorial on homeopathic pharmacology. Preparations:

Carbo animalis

Carbo vegetabilis



Chelidonium majus


China officinalis

Cicuta virosa

Cimex lectularius

Cina maritima

Samuel Hahnemann. Chronic diseases. The practical part. Antipsoric:

Anacardium orientale

Antimonium crudum

Clinical cases

M. Douglas: Meningitis: Belladonna, Lycopodium clavatum

M. Douglas: Meningitis: Apis mellifica

M. Douglas: Meningitis: Belladonna

K. Fairbanks: Intermittent fever: Natrium muriaticum

S. Chapman: ovarian tumors: Arsenicum album

J. Vivion: Senile gangrene: Secale cornutum

A.Linn: Intermittent pulse, liver complaints: Carduus marianus

D.Dunkan: ovarian neuralgia: Apis mellifica

V.Lediyard: Erysipelas crotch: Apis mellifica

V.Lediyard: Abdominal pain: Plumbum metallicum

Dzh.Kent: Abdominal swelling: Lycopodium clavatum

A.Morgan: Chronic headache: Silicea terra

R.Berrouz: Chorea: Cocculus indicus
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