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Chapter 1. Theoretical basis of the study of achievement motivation and self-identity

1.1 Motivation of achievement and self-esteem as a subject of study

1.1.1 The concepts of motivation to achieve success and avoid failures

1.1.2 The concept of self-identity

1.1.3 The achievement motive as a factor of self-esteem and level of aspiration

1.2 Basic diagnostic methods of achievement motivation and a brief description of the most commonly used techniques

Chapter 2. Organization and method of psychodiagnostic survey

2.1 Organization of psycho-diagnostic examinations

2.2 Characteristics of applied psycho-diagnostic techniques

2.3. Description psychodiagnostic procedures

Chapter 3. Diagnostic Results and Discussion

3.1 psychodiagnostic conclusion on the characteristics of achievement motivation and self-esteem of the person diagnosed in the sample

3.2 Comparative analysis of achievement motivation and self-esteem of the individual men and women on a sample of students I and II courses RGPPU and USFEU

3.3 Discussion of an association of achievement motivation and self-identity on the example of the survey sample



2014, 43 p.
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