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Course work in the discipline of Social policy
theme: the Essence of state social policy

1.The essence of state social policy
1.1 the Policy of the state in formation of incomes of the population
1.2 government Policy on the labour market
1.3.State social guarantees and insurance
2 Social policy of the Russian Federation from perestroika to the present day
2.1 Social policy and social economy .
2.2 Social welfare and social justice.
2.3 in 1998 – the peak of the crisis
3. Socio – economic development. Results. Scenarios for the future.
3.1 The Evolution Of Russia
3.2 scenarios for the near future
A) the Scenario "Continuation of reforms"
B) The Scenario "Stagnation"
B) the Scenario "Change of course towards Russia´s national interests"


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