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Choice massive updated database "AUTO-MOTO". CREATED BY CAREFUL LONG manual selection in 2009 .. Since then, constantly updated and clean! Private assembly. The last time cleaned 30 June 2014

As of 6 July 2014 more than 2310 sites. All need a website to promote catalogs of sites, message boards, forums, exchange links, ratings, social networks and so on. All the harvested by hand, divided into categories and subcategories.

UPDATES AND CLEANING BASE bought FREE every few months !!

The gift is a GREAT SEO-BONUS - my detailed instructions, my choicest articles for you to promote sites, books, book, magazine, mailing list archives on search engine optimization and SEO!

ALWAYS read the file README! There's instructions IMPORTATION BASE !!!!

Base "Automotive TRUCKING":

Catalogs sites 52

22 article directories

Catalogs 204 Companies

821 board

907 forum

exchange 190

the social network 39

16 ratings

resume vacancies 4

Press Releases 19

events, exhibitions 1

Add video 2

Trust Forum 23

blogging system 5

bookmarking services 1

Tenders 1

TOTAL: More than 2310 sites for the promotion of sites automotive topics

All collected manually. The database is not a directory or boards with 0 sites, messages or articles. Each directory is checked manually. The base is configured to Allsubmitter 5x-6x. But a separate request comes in txt format

All thematic packages:

Business (1490 pcs.), Auto (2315 pcs.), Job (1075 pcs.), Tourism (825 pcs.), Construction, real estate, architecture, furniture (2424 pcs.), Computers, IT (760 pcs.) internet, web design (1156 pcs.), Industrial (859 pcs.) Home, family, children, women (819 pcs.), Advertising (229 pcs.), Medicine, Health & Beauty (707 pcs.), Agro , agricultural (397 pcs.), Animals, zoo, nature (1068 pcs.), Education (296 pcs.), Organization of holidays, Wedding (251 pcs.) Sports (511 pcs.) Forex (279 pcs.) Religion, psychology, spirituality, self-knowledge (544 pcs.), gambling, casino, entertainment (209 pcs.) Hunting, fishing (382 pcs.)

The database is part of a complete TOP Database (over 28 thousand. For the different types of sites). After purchasing any part of the database (for example, this part of the base) in the complete top base with updates 50% discount!

TOP base in March 2014 turned 6 years of constant growth and cleansing! All top base very carefully cleaned mistakes June 30, 2014

It's very simple, clear and easy to use! The process of promotion can be an easy, enjoyable and effective! Just buy and immediately proceed!

Key Features full Top Base:

* More than 28.300 sites. Absolutely all kinds of websites to promote! All subjects, all regions!

* Each site is checked carefully by hand and sent to the desired category Databases

* The base is constantly deeply and thoroughly cleaned

* Regional and thematic popular assemblies

* The base has been used successfully in the work and is sold from March 2008 - 5 years. The same number has already sent large free regular updates

* Monthly free updates (every 3 months, 2,000 new sites selected)

* For Allsubmitter, as well as for any other registration program or manually

* 30% discount on the purchase of Allsubmitter

* Last date of work with the database today

ALL TOP BASE (28315 pcs.) Includes:

Packages types of sites:

Catalogs sites (1781 pcs.) Bulletin boards (7657 pcs.), Article directories (535 pcs.) Sites that accept press releases and news (862 pcs.), Forums (10343 pcs.), The catalog of firms and organizations ( 2463 pcs.), sites to exchange links (1866 pcs.) Base resume and vacancies (908 pcs.), Social Networking (842 pcs.), bookmarking services (51 pcs.) Catalogues RSS-feeds (39 pcs.) , Trust sites (417 pcs.) Ratings (289 pcs.), English-language website directories, article directories (1335 pcs.) Sites to add video (112 pcs.)

Regional packages:

Ukraine (1939 pcs.), Belarus (448 pcs.), Kazakhstan (386 pcs.), Israel (113 pcs.), Federal District of Russia and others.

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