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Life simulator programmer, you have to buy computer software to buy for him, taught him

not only to him, to develop programs and games, surf the Internet and much more ... Goal of the game: The player chooses:

1) get a certain number of experience; 2) to develop a mega project while gaining a certain number of experience to

it was possible to develop; 3) Buy the fancy computer or any component (processor, video card,

RAM, etc.); 4) to get a certain number of money; 5) occupy the highest post in the workplace. Interesting:

1) very interesting Hacking - can throw a Trojan, certainly not for real. And making fun of his computer

acter, really (ie. if you want to open the CD-ROM from the one who planted the Trojan, the CD-ROM you will,

also has the function to hide Start, Start Interlock, send messages (!!!)); 2) You may throw Trojan

so do not be alarmed if you open CD-ROM without your orders, or hidden, etc. Start they are closed and

seem. The game has its own peculiarity, more than one - is, for example, a large selection of accessories and can be put

depending on the motherboard, a large selection of specialties, software and interesting mode Hacking! It will be interesting !!!
Author Game Programmer - Prylepa Alexander

I took into account the many nuances and store for gamers heap opportunities through which you can develop your character. This fun and work, both the computer and the Internet, and career, and even the development of various programs. If you are addicted, this work is able to pull you a few hours. In addition, it has easy to learn and intuitive interface.

It will be interesting !!!
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