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It often happens that the information published online is not unique content, but to get rid of this problem, delete the text? And if it is important for the entire document? I present to you the base of over 600kartinok, each of which - the letter of the Russian alphabet. There 17variantov writing, 16 of which - graphically rich text, and the last one - a text written by Paint.

What it does: You can replace text images which are not read by the search robot, but readable by the user network, you can replace the important information without losing the meaning of the page.

The archive includes scripts that allow to replace any text (Russian content) way or another template image of your choice. By doing so you will not suffer from the vagaries of the search engine robot, they say your information is stolen. No. You will configure themselves that it is worth reading.

Check the uniqueness of the content can be a free product of Advego, you can download it on the official website.

1.2 screenshot: Working with changing the text on the image.

3 screenshot: work without changes to the text, lowered the uniqueness of the article.

4 screenshot: some of the options the script.

A detailed description of "how to use" in the document 'readme.doc' (WORD 2003+).
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