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You get the original English box StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Full Version (Europe Great Britain 16+), this version provides you with a lifetime subscription to the game (no monthly fees) on the network!

in box 2 includes guest key StarCraft 2 and a guest key to World of Warcraft, the original book-guide and a DVD with the game and the registration key.

* Game:

continuation of the epic saga of three powerful races: Protoss, and Zerg terrans. They will again come together in battle in the new strategy in real time, the continuation of the legendary game StarCraft. In this brutal struggle for survival in space at your disposal will be a new combat units, and the old, with extended capabilities.

Play StarCraft II may be through the portal - Blizzard specially designed system of online games, became famous around the world. With significant upgrades and new features StarCraft II will, undoubtedly, the best game in the history strategies in real time.

Price includes Pickup in Moscow / Saint-Petersburg / Novosibirsk

who want to buy the game for home delivery will have to pay 300 rubles.

residents of other regions, we will send FREE e-mail box. Or at a surcharge - to any desired customer service logistics (for this please contact us sm.kontakt seller)
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