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Lectures include 72 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. Subject, object and task of sociology

2. The categories of sociology and laws

3. Structure of Sociology

4. Functions of Sociology

5. Case Study and its species

6. The program of sociological research

7. Place of sociology in the sciences

8. Theoretical background of sociology

9. Social Thought in the XX century.

10. Social Thought in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

11. Macrosociological theory

12. microsociological theory

13. Paradigm, metatheory and metasotsiologiya

14. The structure of sociological knowledge

15. Types of sociological theories

16. Fundamental and Applied Theory

17. The Soviet and Russian Sociology

18. The main directions of modern sociology

19. Social action as a primary element of social life

20. Social interaction and social relations

21. The social status

22. Ways of formation of ecological culture

23. Social institutions

24. The institutionalization and development of social institutions

25. The modern city as an object of sociology

26. Small social group: leadership and group dynamics

27. Social organizations

28. The sociological concept of culture. Types and functions of culture

29. The main elements of the culture

30. The forms and varieties of crops

31. Development and dissemination mechanisms of culture

32. Political Culture

33. The cultural universals

34. Amateur organizations

35. Theories of personality development

36. The social personality typology

37. Socialization of the person

38. The social status and social role

39. Social needs. Concept of human needs

40. The concept of the family and its function

41. Age-stratified

42. Social control

43. Deviant behavior

44. Social movements

45. The concept of social structure

46. \u200b\u200bSocial inequality and social stratification

47. The total socio-economic status

48. Social stratum and social class

49. Sociological concept of society

50. Typology of society

51. Legal Awareness

52. Civil society organizations

53. Social system and social structure

54. Social Stratification

55. stratification system

56. Social mobility. Its kinds and types

57. Social development and social progress

58. The definition of social conflict

59. Classification of conflicts

60. The occurrence and causes of conflict

61. Characteristics and severity of the conflict. Stages flow of conflict

62. The functions of social conflicts and their classification

63. Society and the processes of modernization

64. General characteristics of the international community and the world market

65. Modern trends in international relations

66. The world system and globalization

67. The post-industrial society

68. The global problems of our time and their solutions

69. Economics as a special sphere of public life and economic sociology

70. Unemployment and its forms

71. The concept of demography

72. The process of urbanization and its stages. Migrations

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