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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 76 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. Psychology as a science

2. The origin of psychology as a science

3. Psychological theories and directions. Psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Psychoanalytic theory

4. Establishment of modern psychology

5. The object and purpose of psychology

6. The general concept of the psyche

7. Classification of psychic phenomena

8. The emergence and development of the psyche

9. Differences psyche of animals and humans

10. Psychology. The object and purpose

11. Psychology and its components

12. Manifestations of personality at an early age. Crisis 3 years

13. Primary school age

14. Features of the individual younger students

15. Formation of outlook in his early youth. Self-determination

16. Bio and sotsiogeneticheskie concept of the psyche

17. The definition of "age"

18. Types of children's ages

19. periodization ages

20. The emergence and development of consciousness

21. Self-awareness

22. Specific states of consciousness

23. Disturbances of consciousness

24. The structure and function of the nervous system

25. The types of nerve cells

26. Reflex as the main mechanism of nervous activity

27. Consistency in the cerebral cortex

28. Features of higher nervous activity

29. The object of psychological science

30. The main branches of psychology

31. Methods of research

32. Experimental studies

33. Activity as a basis for activities

34. Characteristics and structure of human activity

35. Activities

36. Playing as a type of activity

37. Types of games

38. Doctrine as an activity

39. The motivation of the doctrine

40. Elements of educational activity

41. Work as an activity

42. Sensations

43. neurophysiological bases of sensations

44. Quantitative characteristics of sensations

45. The phenomena of adaptation and sensitization of the senses

46. \u200b\u200bFeatures of visual sensations

47. Features of auditory and tactile sensations

48. Olfactory sensations

49. Perception

50. neurophysiological bases of perception and classification. Features of perception of space

51. Perception of Time

52. Types of perception

53. The phenomenon of attention and determination

54. neurophysiological bases of attention. Types of attention

55. Properties of attention

56. General concepts of memory

57. Characteristics of memory processes

58. Types of memory for the duration of securing and maintaining the material

59. Memory Features

60. Transactions and thought processes

61. Types of thinking

62. The theory of intelligence

63. Social information

64. The soul as a subject of study

65. Methods and structure of modern psychology

66. Psychological methodology

67. Cultural-historical paradigm in psychology

68 general concept of personality

69. The main factors and mechanisms of personality development

70. The problem of man in psychology

71. Constancy and objectivity

72. intergroup relations

73 Psychology of small groups

74. Interpersonal relationships

75. Character

76. Temperament

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