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Lectures include 88 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The concept of management

2. The characteristic features of modern management

3. Aims and objectives of management. The object and subject of management

4. Principles of Management

5. Definition and classification of management functions

6. Basic methods of management

7. School of Management

8. Types of organizational structures of management

9. Designing the management structure of the organization

10. Integration into management

11. Social service management

12. Ethics management

13. The efficiency and effectiveness of management

14. Marketing Management System

15. The Asian style of management

16. Western style of management

17. The manager, his personal qualities and skills

18. Self-management

19. Definition and classification of leadership styles

20. Management grille Blake-Mouton

21. The concept of career, its essence and typical models

22. The concept of authority and responsibility, their characteristics

23. Delegation of authority. Centralization and decentralization of power

24. Leadership in the management system

25. The concept of leadership

26. The choice of a foreign partner

27. Project Management

28. Planning Management

29. Business Planning

30. The essence of the organization, its main features

31. The mission and goals of the organization

32. Internal and external environment of organization

33. The laws and principles of the organization

34. The life cycle and types of organization

35. Quality Management

36. Risk management

37. Strategic management organization

38. Implementation of the strategy

39. The strategy of the international activities of the company

40. The method of mobilization of resources of the enterprise

41. The concept of motivation, its essence. Evolution of motivation

42. Modern theories of motivation

43. Ways to improve motivation

44. The theory of motivation in the West

45. The theory of motivation D. McClelland

46. \u200b\u200bThe theory of F. Herzberg motivation

47. The theory of motivation Maslow

48. Communication in management

49. Communication process, the types of communication

50. Control in Management

51. Networking

52. Essence and classification of administrative decisions

53. Algorithm of development, adoption and implementation of administrative decisions

54. The quality of administrative decisions

55. The nature and characteristics of human resources

56. The Human Resources Management System

57. Assessment of the effectiveness of human resources

58. Qualification requirements for personnel

59. The concept of the workforce. Stages of development

60. Conformity, its nature and role in the management team

61. The factors that determine a person's position in the organization

62. The essence and principles of financial management

63. Financial Management Tools

64. The role of central banks in managing the monetary sphere

65. The concept and role of conflict

66. Causes of conflict

67. Conflict Management

68. The concept and essence of stress

69. The essence of innovation management

70. Organizational forms and resource support systems such as the development of innovative

71. The essence and function of organizational culture

72. A comprehensive analysis of the external environment of cultural

73. The essence of International Management

74. The structure of the analysis of external criteria

75. The classification of investments

76. Selection of areas of activity in the foreign market

77. The strategy of entering foreign market

78. Multinational companies (MNCs). Organizational structure of MNCs

79. Training and sel
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