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Base keywords for umbrellas, collected specifically to work with affiliate program Right now begins fall - during the rainy season, umbrellas necessary for all.

Base cleaned from garbage and not thematic keev.

Total in complete database - 2227 keywords. Included are 3 variations of the base, which are written below.

Sources base - base Pastukhov, Wordstat, suggestion (search tips) search engines. In the future we plan to update the database with key liveinternet.

The database 4 file with the keys.

1. umbrella-full.txt - complete database. NOT cleared of requests for summer / parasols and the brand. 2227 Total requests.

2. umbrella-w-sun.txt - complete with purging the base of summer and sun umbrellas. Total 2132 request.

3. umbrella-w-brands.txt - complete with purging the database of brands. Word from the cleaning brands lie in the file brands.txt. This version is not free from keev with summer / parasols. 1599 Total requests.

4. umbrella-w-brands-w-sun.txt - complete with purging the database of brands and sun umbrellas. 1516 Total requests. This is generally the cleanest and thematic framework.

Also, the attached file brands.txt, which contains the words with which the base clean of brands producing umbrellas. It can be used in the future for the quick cleaning of your own databases, or other purposes.

Plans to update the keyword from the statistics Liveinternet. For purchased now - upgrades are free.
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