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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 56 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The object and purpose of pedagogy

2. The object of pedagogy

3. Categorical apparatus pedagogy

4. Educational process

5. Methodological basis of pedagogy. Methods of research of pedagogical phenomena

6. The methodological culture of the teacher

7. The main branches of pedagogy. Contact pedagogy with other sciences

8. Basic concepts of pedagogy

9. Scientific research in pedagogy

10. Culturological principle in the organization of educational process

11. Anthropological principle in the study of the pedagogical process and activities

12. The synergistic principle in the study and the organization

educational process

13. The humanistic approach to the organization of education and training

14. hermeneutical principles in educational activities

15. Innovation Policy in Education

16. Education as a purposeful process of education and training

for the benefit of man, society and the state

17. The relationship of science teaching and practice

18. Methods and logic of pedagogical research

19. The concept of the purpose of education in the history of education. Conditionality education objective laws of social development

20. The emergence of education. Pedagogical ideas of antiquity

21. The ideas of humanism in the theory and practice of education

22. Allocation of pedagogy as an independent branch of science. Activities Comenius

23. Pedagogical ideas of Western philosophers

24. Pedagogical ideas of the Russian revolutionary democrats

25. Ushinskii and its role in the development of science teaching

26. The pedagogical views Makarenko

27. The main factors affecting the development of the individual.

The natural (biological) human and social development

28. The general concept of the structure of personality

29. Personality development and upbringing. Terms of the successful impact of education

personality development

30. The age period of personal development, their psycho-pedagogical characteristics

31. The main directions of education

32. The object and purpose of didactics as the most important branch of pedagogy

33. Basic concepts of didactics

34. The concept of educational content. The content of education as a social and pedagogical problem

35. Theories of the content of education in the history of pedagogy

36. The concept of school academic subject. The documents that define the content of education

37. The concept and essence of the learning process. The concept of process and systems training. Managing the learning process

38. algorithmic learning

39. The motives for learning and development of students in the learning process

40. The system of training principles,

their concept and the relationship

41. The didactic principle of consciousness as a guiding principle of education

42. Problem learning how to implement the principle of developing training

43. The concept of educational technology

44. The principle of modular training school

45. The concept of training methods and techniques, their relationship. The structure of the teaching methods

46. \u200b\u200bThe principles of classification methods. Classification of teaching methods on the source of knowledge

47. The classification of teaching methods in the degree of independence of pupils in learning. Characterization methods

48. The choice of teaching methods

49. The concept of institutional forms of education

50. Characteristics of the organizational forms of education

51. Lesson as the main form of organization of teaching

52. The main types of lessons, their characteristics

53. The basic requirements for a lesson

54. The concept of quality of knowledge. T
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