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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 56 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. History of the Bar

2. Characteristics of the Federal Law "On Advocacy

and the Bar in the Russian Federation "

3. Definition of the Bar

4. Purpose and principles of advocacy, its difference

from other activities

5. The status of a lawyer. The moral and ethical foundations of Advocacy

6. The requirements for persons applying for the right to engage


7. Distribution of activity of the lawyer in a certain area

8. Preparation and delivery of a qualification examination and assignment status of the lawyer

9. The suspension, resumption and termination of the status of the lawyer

10. The procedure for the appointment of a trainee lawyer and an assistant

11. Representation by counsel

12. The rights and obligations of a lawyer of their limitation. Withdrawal lawyer

13. Agreement on Legal Assistance

14. Liability of lawyer (disciplinary, administrative, criminal)

15. Basic forms of the legal profession

16. Law Office. Meeting colleagues and lawyers

17. Competence of presidents and vice-presidents of the meeting of lawyers

18. Qualification and Audit Commission

19. The Federal Chamber and the Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers

20. The All-Russian Congress of Advocates

21. Public associations of advocates financial support for the activities of the Bar

22. Types of legal aid

23. Free legal aid

24. Participation of counsel in criminal, civil, arbitration and administrative proceedings

25. The concept, principles and history of notaries

26. The goals, objectives and activities of the notary guarantees

27. The requirements for persons applying for the right to engage in notarial activities. Qualifying Exam

28. The contest for the vacant position of a notary. Grounds for dismissal of the notary

29. Procedure for appointment as an intern and assistant notary. Substitution posts

30. The rights, duties and responsibilities of a notary

31. The Federal Chamber of Notaries: features and rights

32. The Assembly of Representatives, the Board and President of Chamber of Notaries. Auditing committee

33. Regional Chamber of Notaries: Meeting and Board, President and CEO

34. Notary District

35. Control over the activities of public and private notaries

36. Common rules and place of notarial acts

37. Financial support for the activities of notary. The state duty, notarial tariff dues

38. Stage of excitation production of notarial

39. Notarial acts

40. Adjournment, suspension and refusal of notarial acts.

41. The evidence in the notarial process

42. General Conditions of license transactions. Transactions subject to mandatory notarization

43. Termination of the contract on alienation of property and cancellation of wills

44. Certification of the pledge agreement, the marriage contract and agreements


45. Certification of wills, powers of attorney, and issuance time

46. \u200b\u200bThe authenticity of the signature on the document. The testimony of fidelity translation

47. Certification of a citizen is alive, and in a certain place,

identity card with photograph

48. Transmission of applications

49. The adoption of the deposit of sums of money and securities

50. The commission of the executive inscriptions on debt and payment documents

51. Provide evidence and evidence required to conduct business in the bodies of other states

52. Adoption of documents on storage

53. Imposition of ban on the alienation of someone else's house

54. The issuance of a certificate for a share in the common property of spouses

55. Inheritance of certain types of property. Inheritance is associated with foreigners

56. The application of f
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