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Lectures include 88 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The concept of governance as the scope of administrative law

2. Executive power and public administration as a form of state activity, its features

3. Concept, subject and method of administrative law (the administrative and legal regulation)

4. Sources of Administrative Law

5. The ratio of administrative law with other branches of law

6. Administrative law: concept, types, features

7. Legal facts in administrative law

8. The functions of administrative law

9. Administrative and legal status of a citizen of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

10. Concept and types of administrative relations

11. Administrative and legal guarantees of the rights of citizens

12. Concept and types of associations

13. Administrative and legal status of the President of the Russian Federation as the head of executive power

14. The legal status, structure and system of the Presidential Administration

15. The concept of the state executive authority, its competence and structure

16. The structure of the system of federal bodies of executive power of government

17. The structure of the system of executive power (government) entities of the Russian Federation

18. The concept of local self-government

19. The legal status, structure, system of the Russian Government

20. The concept of public service and the employee

21. Types of service and employees of the current legislation

22. The concept of municipal service and employee

23. Receipt of the service and ways of filling the posts in the public service

24. Military Service and the certification of state and municipal employees

25. The responsibility of officials for official misconduct. Disciplinary responsibility of employees for official misconduct

26. Grounds and procedure for termination of office

27. Concept and kinds of forms of administrative activity of the executive branch

28. The concept of legal acts of the government. The classification of legal acts

29. Concept and types of administrative and legal methods

30. The concept, the main types and characteristics of administrative enforcement

31. The concept and structure of the administrative charges

32. The concept and features of the rule of law as the foundation of law and order in society and state

33. The concept and features of the discipline of law as the foundation of society and the state

34. The concept and ways of ensuring the rule of law and discipline

35. The Russian market economy as an object of state regulation and control

36. Administrative and legal foundations of the state of standardization and certification

37. Industry regulation and controls in industrial and agro-industrial complex (AIC)

38. The branch management and controls in the construction industry

39. The management of household and service complex

40. Monitoring, supervision of industrial and agro-industrial and building complexes

41. The control and supervision of complex service industries

42. The concept of education and its system. The organization of science in Russia

43. The legal status of educational institutions and management in the field of Education (Higher Education)

44. Concept and types of cultural activities, its legal status in the system of the Ministry of Culture

45. Administrative and legal status of the media

46. \u200b\u200bState control and administrative responsibility in the socio-cultural complex

47. The general social and legal characteristics of the health system. The system of health management

48. Archiving in the socio-cultural complex

49. The State Administration of Foreign affairs

50. Administrative and legal regulatio
56. Fundamentals of customs. Controls

57. Administrative and legal means to enforce customs regulations

58. Foreign intelligence and security services in the security of the Russian Federation. Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation

59. Federal Security Service (FSB)

60. The concept of administration of justice and its system. Powers of justice

61. Licensing of Certain Types of Activities

62. The Bailiff

63. The legal status of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Law-enforcement bodies in the subjects of the Russian Federation

64. The legal status of employees in the bodies of internal affairs. Their rights and duties. Official discipline in the internal affairs

65. The notion of security of person, society and state. The concept of ensuring the protection of order and security

66. Administrative supervision

67. Permit System

68. Administrative Punishment: concept, types

69. The place of administrative law in the legal system of the Russian Federation

70. Administrative enforcement: the nature and types

71. The concept of administrative responsibility. The legal framework of administrative responsibility

72. Exemption from administrative liability, its limitations

73. The concept of an administrative offense

74. Concept and types of administrative penalties. The procedure for administrative penalties

75. Administrative liability of legal persons

76. Disciplinary and material responsibility

77. The nature and types of administrative proceedings

78. Bodies (officials) authorized to consider cases on administrative offenses

79. The administrative proceedings

80. The evidence in administrative proceedings

81. Measures to ensure the administrative proceedings

82. Initiation of the administrative case

83. Consideration of the administrative case

84. Appeal, contesting the decision on the case

85. Enforcement proceedings

86. State supervision over road safety

87. GosPozhNadzor

88. The passport system

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