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Lectures include 72 voprosoa, volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The history of the formation of the arbitration courts in Russia

2. Transformation of the system of arbitration courts

3. The system and structure of courts of arbitration: concept, signs, differences

4. The right to appeal to the Court of Arbitration: concept and characteristics

5. The concept of arbitration proceedings

6. The main features of the arbitration procedural form

7. Stages and the system arbitration process: concept, signs, types

8. The ratio of the arbitration law with other branches of Russian law

9. Sources of arbitration law

10. Arbitration Procedure relationships: the object, the subject, the reasons of occurrence

11. The arbitration process as a legal science and academic discipline

12. The concept and importance of the principles of arbitration law

13. Organizational-functional and functional principles of the arbitration process

14. The adversarial principle, optionality and legality of the arbitration process

15. Jurisdiction of the court of arbitration cases: the concept, criteria, problems of differentiation

16. Types of territorial jurisdiction in the arbitration process

17. The arbitration process: the composition and group

18. The composition of the arbitral tribunal. The authority of the judges of the court of arbitration

19. The parties in the arbitration process: concept, procedural rights

and obligations

20. The problem of the succession procedure and replace inadequate respondent

21. Participation in the proceedings of public authorities, local authorities and other bodies

22. Goals and objectives of the participation of third parties in the arbitration process

23. The procedure for entry of third parties in the case

24. Forms of participation of the prosecutor in the arbitration process

25. Representatives of the arbitral tribunal: characteristics and powers

26. Grounds for the Mission

27. Claims in the arbitration process: concept, content and features

28. The right to sue: the content, rationale

29. The evidence in the arbitration process

30. Measures to ensure the claim

31. counterclaim in the arbitration process: the concept, the base

32. The procedural order of presentation of the claim

33. Grounds for the return of writ

34. The content of the statement of claim, order the rectification of its drawbacks

35. The objectives, tasks and procedural steps to prepare the case for trial

36. The concept and content of the procedural document, execute judge's actions to prepare the case for trial

37. Notices and challenges in arbitration court

38. The proceedings in the arbitration process: concept and meaning

39. The process of court hearing

40. Pausing trial

41. Definition and types of decisions of the arbitral tribunal

42. The nature and value of the award as the most important act of protection of violated or disputed rights

43. Remedy shortcomings of Arbitral Awards

44. Classification definitions of the arbitral tribunal

45. The objectives of the appellate court

46. \u200b\u200bThe concept and importance of the appellate court

47. Term and procedure for appellate review of decisions and definitions

48. Procedure on appeal

49. Powers of the court of appeal

50. Grounds for changes and cancellations rulings in the Court of Appeal

51. The value of the stage of cassation appeal against decisions and regulations come into force

52. The difference between the stage of cassation appeal on the stage of appellate review

53. The object of cassation

54. The subjects of the second appeal arbitral awards

55. The procedural order of cassation decisions, decisions that have come into force court acts on new

56. Powers of the court of cassation

57. Grounds for cancellation or change decisions, decisions on appeal

58. The difference between the revision entered into force decisions in the exercise of supervisory powers of the appellate and cassation proceedings

59. Simplified production: the nature, purpose and meaning

60. The suspension of execution of the decision, the decision of the arbitral tribunal

61. Procedure for consideration of the application and presentation

62. The powers of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation

63. Revision of the judicial acts on newly discovered facts: concept, the reasons

64. The procedural order of consideration and review

65. The main source of law governing the enforcement of arbitral decisions

66. The characteristics of the subject of enforcement proceedings

67. The procedural order of execution of arbitral awards

68. Arbitration courts operating in the Russian Federation: concept and types

69. Terms referring the dispute to an arbitral tribunal

70. Characteristics of the main aspects of the relationship of the arbitration and the arbitration courts

71. The order of execution of the arbitral tribunal

72. Questions determining the competence of Russian arbitration courts in cases involving foreign persons

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