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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 56 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The philosophers of Miletus school

2. Heraclitus. Logos. Soul as a special condition of fire start

3. Alcmaeon. Principle nervism. Neyropsihizm. The principle of similarity

4. Empedocles. The doctrine of the four "roots." Biopsihizm. The principle of similarity theory and outflows

5. The atomic philosophical and psychological concept of Democritus

6. The philosophical and ethical system of Socrates. Appointment philosophy. The method of Socratic conversation

7. Plato true being and the world of ideas. Sensual peace and oblivion. The highest idea of \u200b\u200bthe good and evil world soul

8. Platonic evidence of immortality of the soul

9. Aristotle's doctrine of the soul

10. Psychological views of the Stoics

11. Epicurus and Lucretius the soul

12. Alexandrian school doctors

13. Psychophysiology Claudius Galen

14. Plotinus: Psychology as a science of the mind

15. Augustine: early medieval Christian worldview

16. The flowering of natural science in the Arab East. Avicenna

17. Alhazen and Averroes

18. The period of the domination of scholasticism in philosophy. Thomas Aquinas

19. The first criticism of scholasticism. D. Scott, R. Bacon and W. Ockham

20. The development of psychology in the Renaissance

21. The main trends in the development of philosophy and psychology in the XVII century. Discovery Copernicus, D. Bruno, Galileo, William Harvey, Descartes

22. Materialism and Idealism

23. The philosophical and psychological system of Descartes

24. The materialist theory of Hobbes

25. The teaching of Spinoza on the psyche

26. sensationalism J. Locke

27. Leibniz: German idealist tradition in philosophy and psychology

28. Ideas of David Hartley and Joseph Priestley

29. D. Berkeley and David Hume

30. French materialism

31. The philosophical and psychological concept Helvetia K.

32. Germany. The development of German psychology in XVIII-XIX centuries.

33. The philosophical stage of development psychology

34. Formation of psychology as a science. Experiments Svammerdama J. and H. Boerhaave

35. Research Astruha Montpellier, A. Haller, P. Cabanis, F. Blaine

36. Psychophysics. G. Fechner and E. Weber

37. The concept of J. La Mettrie, research I. Prochazka, C. Bell and F. Magendie. Phrenology F. Gall

38. The evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin and its influence on the development of physiology and psychology

39. Crisis Psychology

40. Behaviorism

41. Psychoanalysis

42. gestaltism

43. neobiheviorizma

44. The theory of intelligence. The empirical foundation of the theory

45. neofreydizma. Cognitive psychology. Computers. Computer Science and Psychology

46. \u200b\u200bHumanistic Psychology

47. MV Lomonosov materialistic direction in psychology

48. Radishchev. A man as part of nature

49. The philosophical and psychological views of Herzen, B. Belinsky, NA Dobrolyubov

50. NGChernyshevsky. Subject matter, objectives and method psychology

51. PD Jurkiewicz the soul and inner experience

52. IV Section: psychic act like a reflex

53. Development of Experimental Psychology

54. Reflexology

55. Blonsky - psychology of child development

56. The unity of consciousness and activity

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