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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 56 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. The structure of the national economy: concept, essence and appearance

2. The structure of the national economy

3.Teorii structural reform of the national economy

4. The infrastructure of the economy: the types and importance for the national


5.Otraslevaya structure of the national economy

6. The theory of "interbranch balance"

7. The ownership structure in the national economy

8. Structural changes in the economy of modern Russia

9. The total economic potential: the concept and essence

10. Forms of the total economic potential of the national economy

11. Economic resources, their types

12. Properties of economic resources

13. National wealth - part of the total economic potential of the national economy

14. The national wealth of Russia

15. Russia's place in the use of potentials of the planet

16. Types of economic systems, the concept of the essence

17. Characteristics of economic systems

18. Business entities and their interrelation

19. The reasons for Russia's transition to a market economy

20. Factors of formation of the Russian model of market economy

21. The mechanisms of national economic system

22. The place and the role of corporations in the national economic system: the integrated economic structures

23. Public goods: the concept, the essence of

24. The classification of public goods

25. Types of public goods

26. The specifics of consumption of public goods

27. The Public Choice in the national economy

28. Conditions for effective provision of public goods in the national economy

29. The concept of economic growth and development of the national economy

30. Factors affecting the development of the national economy

31. The main indicators for assessing the growth and development of the national economy: GDP, GNP

32. The labor market in the national economy

33. Features of employment and unemployment in the transition economies

34. The economy of the region, the types of regionalization

35. The system of reproduction in the region

36. The concept of regional development of the "Strategy of socio-economic development of regions of the Russian Federation

37. Inter-regional social and economic processes

38. The budget provision of regional and municipal development

39. Theoretical basis of the budget regulation of the economy

40. Targeted management development regions

41. The state of the Russian economy

42. The functions of the state in the national economy

43. The concept of state regulation of the economy

44. Mechanisms of state regulation of the economy

45. State regulation of national economy in Russia

46. \u200b\u200bThe concept of national economic security

47. The National Security Concept of the Russian Federation

48. Internal and external threats to national economic security

49. The external threats to national security

50. Federal, regional and local institutions to ensure national economic security

51. The national market: concept, types, principles of organization

52. Functions of the national market

53. Unregulated markets. State regulation of the market

54. Regulated markets

55. Monopoly and competition in the Russian economy

56. Antitrust

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