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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 56 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. Subject, tasks and methods of forensic medicine. The concept of forensic

2. A Brief History of Forensic Medicine

3. Procedural foundations of Forensic Medicine. Its mandatory appointment

4. Types of Forensic Medical Examination

5. Evaluation of an expert opinion. The duties, rights and responsibilities

court medical experts

6. Organization of forensic medical service in the Russian Federation. Objects forensics

7. Forensic classification of death. The grounds for the forensic examination of corpses

8. General concepts of trauma and injuries

9. Characteristics and forensic value of abrasions and bruises

10. Characteristics of injuries arising from acts of blunt objects. Their forensic value

11. The mechanisms of damage to the bones under the influence of blunt objects. Damage to the skull bones

12.Povrezhdeniya bony thorax and pelvis

13. Damage to the brain under the influence of blunt objects. Damage to internal organs by the action of blunt objects

14. Issues Solved forensic medical examination in case of damage with blunt objects

15. Transport injury. Features inspection of the scene of road traffic accidents

16. Mechanisms of damage when moving wheel (s) of vehicles

17. Damage to the human body in the cabin of a moving vehicle, when squeezed, a roll of it

18. Transport injury. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

19. railway injury. The mechanisms of damage. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

20. Damage sharp objects, cutting tools.

Issues Solved forensic medical examination

21. The appearance and features of stab wounds.

Issues Solved forensic medical examination

22. Damage piercing-cutting tools. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

23. Mechanisms of features and chopped wounds. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

24. Gunshot damage. Damaging factors shots. Machinery

occurrence of damage

25. Related Factors shot. Varieties of gunshot wounds. Features of the crime scene investigation

26. Issues Solved forensic expertise in gunshot wounds. The direction of the shot

27. Determination of the distance shot, type of weapon and the number and sequence of gunshot wounds

28. Forensic examination of blast injury. Classification of Explosives

29. Oxygen starvation, its types. Common symptoms of asphyxia

when the outer and inner cadaver study

30. strangulation asphyxia, its varieties. Hanging. Feature strangulation furrow

31. Features of the crime scene investigation. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

32. strangulation loop. Strangling hands. Characteristic symptoms detected on the body of the victim

33. Compression and obstructive apnea. Terms of occurrence,

variety, signs

34. Drowning. Forensic importance. Symptoms of the body entering long stay

35. The breakdown of health and death from the effects of extreme temperatures.

Post-mortem examination

36. Issues Solved forensic examination in cases of exposure to high temperatures

37. Effect of low temperature on the body. Issues Solved forensic medical examination

38. Damage to the technical electricity. The damage from the effects of atmospheric electricity (lightning)

39. Toxic effects of chemicals. The conditions that determine the toxic effects of toxic substances

40. Forensic classification of poisons. Action local resorptive poisons

41. Poison and ethanol
51. Forensic examination of the investigation of crimes

against sexual integrity

52. Forensic examination of physical evidence. Finding and fixing traces of blood

53. Establishing the presence of blood on the physical evidence. Forensic examination of blood

54. Investigation semen, saliva and urine. Issues Solved forensic - medical examination

55. Forensic examination of cases of violation of the medical staff duties

56. Criminal offenses medical professionals. A forensic examination of crime investigation

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