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Lectures include 88 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

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1. Subject of the theory of law

2. Methodology The theory of law

3. The theory of state and law in the system of laws

and its relation to other humanities

4. The functions of the theory of state and law

5. Social power and norms of the primitive communal system

6. The causes and forms of occurrence of the state

7. The emergence of the right

8. The main theory of the origin of the State

9. The concept of the state. Class and universal

in the nature of the state

10. State power as a special kind of social power

11. Typology of state: formational and civilizational approaches

12. The concept of state functions

13. Classification of the Functions of the State

14. Forms and methods of state functions

15. The concept and elements of the form of the state. The shape of the Russian state

16. The ratio of the shape and type of state

17. Form of government: the concept and types

18. Government: concept and types

19. Public-legal (political) regime

20. The mechanism of the state: the concept and structure of the separation of powers

21. The body of the state: concept, characteristics and types

22. The principles of organization and activity of the state apparatus

23. The political system: the concept, structure and subjects. Location State in the political system

24. The concept, nature, and social value of rights

25. Basic theory (school) right

26. The principles of law

27. The ratio of the economy, politics and law. The ratio of the right

and the state

28. The functions of law: concept and types

29. The internal functions of the state

30. The external functions of the state

31. The legal system: concept and structure, classification

32. The legal family

33. Law and personality. The legal status of the person: the concept, structure, types

34. The fundamental rights and duties of the individual

35. The concept and principles of the rule of law

36. The ratio of state and society. Civil society

37. The social and technical norms: concept, characteristics and relationship

38. The ratio of law and morality: the unity of difference, interaction and conflict

39. Sense of justice: the concept, structure and types

40. Legal education: concept, forms, methods

41. The concept and structure of the legal culture

42. Legal nihilism: concept, sources, forms

43. Legal idealism

44. The rule of law: the concept, structure, features, character

45. The classification of legal norms

46. \u200b\u200bThe ratio of the rule of law and regulation article. Methods of presentation of legal norms in the regulations

47. Concept and kinds of forms of law. Sources of law

48. The system of regulations in the Russian Federation. The difference between the normative legal act of the act of applying the law

49. Concept and types of law in Russia

50. By-legal acts. Acts of the Federation (regional instruments)

51. The action regulations in time, space and number of persons

52. Law-making: concept, features, functions, types

53. The principles and stages of legislative activity

54. Legislation in the Russian Federation:

concept and stage

55. systematization of legislation

56. Legal documents and their classification

57. Legal Technology

58. The system of law: the concept, the structural elements

59. The ratio of the legal system and the legislative system

60. The subject and method of legal regulation as the basis

division of the law on industry

61. The concept of a branch of law. General characteristics of the branches of Russian law

62. Institute of Law: concept and types

63. Private and Public Law

64. The Law: concept, principles and guarantees

65. The concept of the rule of law

66. The ratio of the legal and social order. The ratio of the rule of law, democracy and the rule of law

67. Concept and types of discipline. Value discipline of law and order and public order

68. Legal procedures

69. The legal process: concept, content, views

70. The concept and realization of the right shape. The use of law as a special form of its implementation

71. Steps in the process of application of the law

72. The act of applying the law: concept, characteristics, types

73. Gaps in the law. The analogy of law and analogy of law. Legal presumptions, axioms, fiction

74. Legal conflicts. Their solutions

75. The interpretation of the law: concept, types. The act of interpretation of the law

76. The methods and the scope of interpretation of the law

77. Legal relations: concept, conditions arise,

signs, types

78. Subjects of legal relations: the concept and types. Legal capacity, ability, personality

79. The object of legal relations, concept and types

80. Subjective rights and legal obligations

the content of the legal relationship

81. Legal facts: concept, classification

82. Legal practice: the concept, structure, functions, types

83. legally significant behavior and good behavior:

concept, features and types

84. Offence: concept, signs, causes, types

85. The legal structure of offenses

86. Legal liability: concept, features, functions, principles

87. The criminal defenses and legal responsibility. Presumption of innocence

88. The mechanism of legal regulation: concept, elements methods

ways, means

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