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Lectures include 90 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


1. Essence Certification

2. Principles of certification

3. The concept of certification of products

4. Models certification

5. Product Certification Systems

6. Subjects and objects of certification

7. Methods Certification

8. The forms of certification

9. Documents of Quality System Certification

10. The certification

11. The procedure of certification of products

12. The legal framework of certification

13. Law of the Russian Federation "On the certification of products and services"

14. State control and supervision over the observance of the rules of mandatory certification and certified products

15. Basic principles of quality management system certification of products

16. Responsibility for violation of the rules of mandatory certification

17. The legal heritage of the Soviet Union in the field of certification

18. International practice certification

19. manufacture or sale of goods subject to marking and products without marking

20. The national authority of the Russian Federation for Standardization, Technical Committees on Standardization

21. Conditions of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation of products subject to mandatory conformity

22. Classification of certification schemes

23. Products, inadequate technical regulations

24. The requirements for quality systems

25. Means of certification

26. Agreement on Cooperation to ensure the unity of time and frequency measurements

27. Party Certification

28. Quality Control

29. Quality as a control object

30. The process of quality management

31. The system of TQM and its application prospects

32. Functions of Quality Management

33. Eight principles of quality management (TQM)

34. The methods, tools and management factors

35. National experience of quality management. Use of a systematic approach to product quality control

36. The concept of a systematic approach to quality management, enterprise standards

37. The principles of comprehensive quality management systems of production (COP UKP)

38. Lacks a comprehensive system of quality control (COP UKP)

39. Foreign experience of Quality Management (Japan)

40. A comprehensive system of quality control for US firms

41. The fundamental position in the system of quality control

42. Quality Management Tools

43. List of quality costs

44. Quality as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of

45. Classification of quality costs

46. \u200b\u200bThe quality function

47. Improving product quality control. Examples of a systematic approach to quality management

48. Categories of product quality control

49. The human factor in the management of product quality

50. The general concepts of quality control

51. Parameters of quality and competitiveness of products

52. Methods for determining the values \u200b\u200bof quality products

53. Quality Management Systems

54. Quality Price

55. Analysis of production

56. Analysis of the goods

57. Quality control

58. Acceptance of the goods quality

59. Quality Management Framework

60. Cost-effectiveness of new products

61. Sampling

62. Organizational and social analysis in quality management

63. Environmental, economic, technical analysis in quality management

64. The level of quality and certification of products

65. Intelligent work to create high-quality products: industrial property

66. Global trends in quality management

67. The main provisions in creating the organizational and functional structure of the quality management system

68. System product quality control, its modern features and development

69. The life cycle of products

70. The analysis of marriage and the loss of a marriage

71. Government policy in the field of quality

72. State regulation of product liability

73. Integrated systems of quality management

74. The Law "On Technical Regulation"

75. Technical regulations

76. Technical Diagnostics

77. The objectives and tasks of technical diagnostics

78. Inspections of technical diagnostics

79. Methods of technical diagnostics

80. Basic concepts of technical reliability

81. The requirements of compliance with state standards

82. The nature and content of standardizing activities

83. The procedure for the development of international standards

84. The International Organization for Standardization and cooperation

with Russian State Standard

85. Classification standards ISO 9000

86. Activities of the ISO quality assurance

87. Standards ISO 9000

88. The conceptual framework of ISO 9000

89. The structure of the ISO 9000 series

90. Bar coding

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