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Suitable for all universities !!!

Lectures include 64 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


Olympic Games of antiquity

The role of the Pierre de Coubertin

in the revival of the Olympic Games

Modern Olympic Games

The symbolism and ritual and tradition of the Olympic Games

The symbolism and ritual and tradition of the Olympic Games (continuation). The Olympic Movement in Russia

Musculo-skeletal system of the person

Musculoskeletal system Rights (continued)

The nervous system and its role in the life of the organism

Digestive and isolation

The circulatory system of the body

Human respiratory system

The endocrine system; metabolism and energy

The reaction of the body to exercise

The reaction of the organism to physical exercise (continued)

Fatigue and exhaustion

Mental processes in teaching motor actions

Development of Power

Power and special endurance

Development of flexibility

The development of coordination and dexterity

The development speed of movement

Proper breathing during exercise

Motor Quality

Educating the will, the courage, fortitude


Self-control (continued)

The basic concepts used in the port and physical education classes

Physical education in the family

The basic rules of hardening

Morning exercises

Fundamentals of occupational health and recreation (day mode)

Power and motor mode schoolchildren

Physical education and health of boys

Physical education and health of girls (girls)

First aid

Preventing colds

Forms of physical education at school

The value of the lesson of physical culture

The structure of the lesson of physical culture

Impact of smoking and alcohol on the growing student body

Impact of smoking and alcohol on the growing student body (continued)

The value of physical education for all-round development of the personality

Hygiene rules of exercise

The self-insurance during exercise

Healthy lifestyle

Components of power


After a workout. Sports equipment

Preparation for military service

List of all past Olympic Games and sports are included in the

Correct posture and exercise for its formation


Volleyball (continued)


Basketball (continued)

Handball (handball)




Ski training

The elements of martial arts



Athletic Gymnastics

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