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Lectures include 80 questions, the volume of 1-2 pages. Made textbooks 2009-2010.

Crib is made of lecture notes, double-sided, measuring 4.5 x 7.5 cm (easily fits into the palm).


Philosophy of Law, its object and subject of study

General characteristics of ancient philosophy of law

Plato's doctrine of the state

Political and legal ideas of Aristotle

Hellenistic legal doctrine (Cynics, Stoics, Epicureans)

The theological theory of law (Aquinas)

Anthropocentrism Renaissance and a new understanding of the law

Utopianism in the philosophical and legal thought (Moore, Campanella)

The theory of the social contract (Locke, Hobbes)

The problem of the internal structure of the state ("Leviathan" Hobbes)

"The Spirit of Laws," Montesquieu

Development of the theory of the social contract (Rousseau)

Law, religion and morality in the philosophy of Kant

"Philosophy of Right" Hegel

Historical Theory of Law (Hugo, Savigny)

The materialist theory of law (Marx, Engels)

Positivism in the philosophy of law (Comte, Spencer)

Variations of neo-Kantian philosophy of law

The state and the forms of domination (Weber)

The philosophy of law and the establishment of the sociology of knowledge (Husserl, Scheler)

Analytical jurisprudence

J. Rawls' Theory of Justice

State and Law in the philosophy of the Frankfurt School (Adorno, Habermas)

The political and legal philosophy of Catholicism (J. Maritain)

Conciliation Theory of Law (Berman, Anners)

The origin of the philosophy of law in Russia

The idea of \u200b\u200b"enlightened absolutism" in the breaking of the Russian "Philosophical Letter" Chaadaev

The theory of cultural-historical types N.Ya.Danilevsky

Legal thought PI Novgorodtseva

Theocratic state B. Solovyov

Philosophy economy C. Bulgakov

Personological legal philosophy NABerdjaeva

The political and legal philosophy of Russian Marxism (Lenin)

The formation of a new philosophy of law in Russia

The concept of law, its essence and borders

Philosophy of Law in Education

Main properties and characteristics right

Functions Rule

Rules and laws

Human rights and freedoms

Private and public law

Law and State

State and mezhgosudar¬stvennoe right

Law and Economics

Law and Morality

Customs and Practice

Location right in the structure of social control

Forms rights

The practical application of the law

The concept of rule of law

The structure of the legal norms

Types of legal norms

Social conditionality law.

The principles of law

Industries and institutions of law

Legal relations

Legal behavior

Legal consciousness

Types of legal consciousness

Legal culture: concept and structure

Offences, their definition and characteristics

Legal responsibility

Presumption: the concept and the philosophical and legal significance

Legal Anthropology

The basic theory of the origin of the State

Milestones States

Two nature of the state.

The concept of the state

Functions of the State

Value for society and the state

The concept of civil society

The state's role in the political system

The political system of society

Key actors of the political system

The concept of governance and their varieties

The concept of the political regime and their varieties

The idea of \u200b\u200bseparation of powers

The principles of the rule of law

Basic human rights

The political system of the Russian Federation

The problem of establishing the rule of law in Russia

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