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Tabard of Flame (Tabard of Flame) - the only cape, which can be found among all lutkodov card game World of Warcraft.

In this red tabard, both clothed guards Landreau Dalnostrela in Booty Bay.

Lutkarta "Tabard of Flame (Tabard of Flame)" came out October 25, 2006, when was published the very first collection of card game World of Warcraft. It was called "Heroes of Azeroth." In total, this collection can be found three lutkoda:

- Red coat (Tabard of Flame), the chance of 1 to 121, that is, 1 lutkod accounted for 121 deck;

- Hippogryph Hatchling - pet a chance to 1/242;

- Riding Turtle - Mount chance 1/484.

Conditions for obtaining Tabard of Flame (Tabard of Flame):

- You pay for the goods on our website by selecting the appropriate method of payment;

- After payment you will immediately receive a 25-digit code that you need to register on the page, where you need to select your region, and the game world;

- After the activation code, you get a different 25-digit code that you must enter at the goblin Landro Dalnostrela in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale). Landreau menu you should choose "Heroes of Azeroth" -> "red coat".

Tip: not to enter code manually, copy it and paste it in the game using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V

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> Mount: boxes with gifts Landreau

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> PETS: Red Jade Tiger month + games Jade Tiger month + games Golden piggy month + games

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03.09.2019 22:03:20
Спасибо большое за накидку!)Очень давно её хотел!)
Получил сразу на почту.
25.05.2019 22:46:21
из прошлогго
31.08.2018 13:55:45
Все на высоте, код пришел мгновенно. Советую;)
18.08.2014 13:16:14
не первый раз покупаю у Вас. И далеко не в последний
16.06.2014 13:56:40
Спасибо, код получил, все отлично
23.05.2014 14:00:57
хороший продавец!
18.03.2014 19:33:59
08.01.2014 22:01:05
Быстро и качественно.

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