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Medal of Honor - continuation of the cult series of shooters from Electronic Arts. At this time, the developers will allow us to feel in the role of the US commandos caught in modern Afghanistan.

The game´s plot will unfold around a real-life hero - a soldier from the US Army special unit Tier 1 Operators. The emphasis on realism, developers do fighting what they help consultants from the United States military structures.

A new enemy. A new war. And the new heroes. Tier 1 Operators.


* Single and multiplayer modes to the game make two different studios. The single-player campaign has been EA Los Angeles, and online battles - EA DICE, known to us for a series of Battlefield.

* Completely redesigned Unreal Engine 3, through which the game vyglyaditpotryasayusche

* Ability to manage a huge amount of equipment - from helicopters to the quads

* The diverse landscape, which depends battle tactics

* A variety of missions, including - rescue hostages, assault terrorist camps, outings diversantskie

* The age rating of M, allowing the developer to show the brutality of the war in Afghanistan
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Activation of the game:

1. Create an account on EA link If you already have an account, you can go directly to step 2.

2. Download and install EADownloader After activation key in it, download and install the game. Please note that downloading the game will happen to the European servers!

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