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Audiosessiya "no past"

In our practice, often there are cases when a person is trying to escape from the consequences of the problem, not osoznovaya that needs to work with its cause. The reason, as a rule, in its past. After a quarrel, betrayal other rasstovaniya and other situations that leave a bright trace in the memory, it is difficult to come back to reality and start living in the present.

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What audiosessiya?

Audiosessiya - a sound track in the popular high-quality audio format designed to eliminate complex, decision of psychological problems and achieve goals. The effect is achieved through brainwave stimulation of the cerebral hemispheres in conjunction with subliminal suggestions. Audiosessiya help get rid of psychological, physical and emotional barriers. You will be able to change their behavior and achieve desired goals. Audiosessii created for medical professionals, medical practitioners and all people who want to change their lives for the better.

How does audiosessiya?

When you are under the influence of audiosessii, your brain affects brainwave stimulation, providing gipervnushaemoe state of consciousness. Then introduced subliminal suggestion and positive setting that allows you to effortlessly achieve the desired goal.

Instructions for use audiosessy:

1. Take a comfortable position.

2. Start playing audiosessii by pressing "Play".

3. Listen for sounds. The goal - to distinguish between the general background sound of the voice. If you do not hear the power of suggestion and introduced into the subconscious installations is reduced.

4. Use the suggestion twice a day at intervals of not less than six hours. The power of suggestion is very high, so should not be neglected recommendations. Parallel use of several audiosessy.

5. Do not ever expect the effect. Let your subconscious mind to undertake the necessary work and very soon you will find that the suggestion works.

6. Use the regular session more than two weeks to achieve the desired effect. If the irregular application of the effect can not occur.

7. On the official website you can download a hypnotic program "Relax", which will increase the effect of subliminal suggestion. Use it before using the other sessions to achieve maximum results.
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