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Development of a self-extracting archive is packaged in. It contains 3 sections: 1) pattern, 2) description and operating principles, and 3) to explain the pattern.

1) Pattern: pattern removed from the real-life, used for the manufacture of the product me. All patterns are in A4 format that is to print an ordinary home printer. Dimensions of patterns made in full size - such as it is. Patterns of large size are made on multiple sheets. On the edge (or edges) of each sheet passes shaded strip width 0.5cm certain color. The color of the shaded band and using 2) down pattern, imposing shaded strip in color and №, each other. Also, on one of the sheets of the pattern is written, an example - a brown bar - lists №1, №2 - put together. Glue, cut.

2) NOTES TO Pattern: all the sheets with patterns numbered. To avoid confusion some sheet refers to the pattern which is this section and reports (ie, 1-5 sheets - detail №1 and t.).

3) Description and Operation: explains how to cut out, sew and score the product. There are many different subtleties upon which tailoring beautiful decor. product. This section describes the step by step guide from the beginning to the end of production of decor. Products + tips from the master.

Degree of difficulty of manufacturing the product - complex.
Before selecting the design of a product, pay attention to the degree of difficulty: Easy - amateur knowledge of sewing, the average - basic knowledge of sewing, complex - Strong knowledge of sewing. All developments are invented, developed and described himself: master of arts and crafts Kuban Lyovochkina EY
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