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Audiosessiya "From obsessions"

We often receive emails from users asking to make a personalized program that will eliminate intrusive thoughts while listening sessions. Using hypnotic and audiosessii important to consider that the lack of thought process contributes to the successful implementation of suggestions in your subconscious mind and improves the course of hypnotherapy.

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Audiosessiya - a sound track in the popular high-quality audio format designed to eliminate complex, decision of psychological problems and achieve goals. The effect is achieved through brainwave stimulation of the cerebral hemispheres in conjunction with subliminal suggestions. During the development process has been used audiosessy new advanced coding technology suggestions, which allowed us to work with the subconscious effective than using free hypnosis programs. Another advantage is their mobility audiosessy. You will not miss a session of therapy, if your player or mobile phone has audiosessiya. Listen audiosessii at work, in public transport, driving a car, business trips and holidays, on your computer, as well as everywhere where it is not available.

Instructions for use

1. Take a comfortable position.

2. Start playing audiosessii by pressing "Play".

3. Listen for sounds. The goal - to distinguish between the general background sound of the voice. If you do not hear the power plants being introduced into the subconscious will not decrease.

4. Use the session twice a day with an interval of more than six hours. The power of suggestion is very high, so should not be neglected recommendations.

5. Do not ever expect the effect. Let your subconscious mind to undertake the necessary work and very soon you will find that the suggestion works.

6. Use the regular session more than two weeks to achieve the desired result. If the irregular application of the effect can not occur.

7. The official website you can download free hypnotic session "Relax", which will increase the effect of subliminal suggestion. Use it before using the other sessions to achieve maximum results.

8. Audiosessii can be used in conjunction with the hypnotic programs and neyronastroyami Interaura. This increases the efficiency rate.
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надежно и быстро
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Хорошая аудиосессия, надеюсь на положительный результат.

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