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Why this parser? The answer is simple - if you suddenly need to some of their goals in 2000 images which depict the house, ... collect them by hand from different resources will be the loss of a day of boring and tedious work. For such cases, and was written by the parser.

How does the parser pictures? It works very simply - Drives a keyword, select the folder where you want to add pictures found and presses the button "Go!". Everything! We turn off the program and after a while check the folder. Simple, is not it?

Advanced settings. For advanced users, there are additional options! Begins and ends in the parsing can be arbitrary images by Yandex search results pages! Even the delay can be changed to not banned!

Bonus. The program trained in good manners - the owner treated politely, to "you" and even uses the treatment of the "master", "master" ... :)
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