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Base of Trust sites with which you are particularly easy to lift the TIC and Pr your project. The database requires manual posting, chelate for each link contained in a file. You only need to walk the sites and leave your link.

Base info:

Format Base * .xls

The number of links in the database: 170

The total TIC sites in the assembly: 484,160

The likely outcome of this assembly:

TCI 10 to ... (do not know, at the moment 40 best results, it is possible and above)

Pr 1 to 10

After working his hands, you get eternal links to your project. And after the next update Yandex or Google your work will be rewarded. The database has a description of what to do.
Successful promotion.

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By purchasing this product you agree that the author can not guarantee 100% increase in the TCI, the reason for this - a possible change of algorithms for search engine Yandex TCI.
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