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Warning! Update 2.0 is coming!

General functions
- Pay Non-unique / Unique displays and neunik / Unique clicks teasers
- Differentiation panel Webmasters and Advertisers
- Referral system
- Static pages
- Adding / news management
- Mini statistics system
- You choose the format themselves teasers
- Setting per cent webmasters payment from the advertiser´s prices
- Easy admin panel where you can moderate the advertising companies, teasers, websites, as well as view reports on the sites, teasers and replenish the balance
- Automatic recharge via WebMoney
- Semi-automatic derivation through MassPay
- The template
- Two included template
- Low load on the server
- Easy to set up and install
- Detailed technical documentation

- Choice of payment (for the impressions / clicks)
- Category targeting, day of week and time of day
- Multicategories
- The price of advertising available when selecting categories
- Separation of the advertising companies and informers
- Detailed statistics on transitions (time, ip, referrer)

- Multicategories for websites
- Price for each category specified when adding a site
- Detailed statistics on transitions (time, ip, referrer)
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Current version: 1.8
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