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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 10%
The script allows the exchange:

Yandex> WMR

Yandex> WMU

Yandex> WMZ

Yandex> WME

WMR> Yandex

WMU> Yandex

WMZ> Yandex

WME> Yandex

4 types of exchange:

- 24 hours (8% commission)

- Within 12 hours (10% commission)

- Within 6 hours (12% Commission)

- Within 1 hour (13% Commission)

% Commission is set by you

The exchange is not automatic, this script only makes exchange.

In an exchange of "Yandex - WM *" is sent to the client e-mail, which is warning that he should, by hand, via the website Yandex to pay the amount of the N-th to N-th purse. Then the operator manually moves to WM * Wallet customer the desired amount.

In an exchange of "WM * - Yandex" customers automate pays the required amount through service Webmoney, then the operator of the facility e-mail'a reported that the payment is made, and he manually takes on Yandex purse customer the desired amount.

At the end of all email sent to the customer and the operator with information about the operation.

In the e-mail sent to the operator information about the operation, as well as instructions on what needs to be done (check how much money you received from a purse, what amount (including all commissions and exchange rate) listed on a purse).

In the e-mail client sent information about the operation and during how much time he will get the money (if required information is sent, which would have to pay the amount, and what kind of purse, and after how long the money will get converted).
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