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Dear buyers after payment you will receive an activation code for digital games Team Fortress 2 into a digital service Steam (PREMIUM access directly). Legendary sequel to Team Fortress Classic is powered by Valve. Allows you to safely play in any official game servers TF2, all updates are available via Steam, accounting player stats (SteamID).

Ladies and gentlemen, be careful: this is the official version of the company Buka, which has territorial restrictions! The game is entirely in Russian, it is possible to select another language via Steam.

Fan site games Team Fortress 2 -

Free account has the following limitations:

• A total of 50 slots backpack (at a premium - 300);

• Fall only standard objects (for premium - standard and rare);

• Only some recipes for crafting (for premium - all);

• Do not give items to other players - you can only get them;

• Do not give gifts - you can only get them.

To change the status of your account with a free premium necessary to buy a license key this game Team Fortress 2.
Activation of the game:

1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed).

2. Register an account on Steam (if it does not).

3. Select a section of "Games", click "Activate game", enter the purchased key in the box that appears for entering the key.

4. Prepare the installation process (injection) - about 45 minutes (depending on your internet channel time can vary greatly from specified).

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24.11.2017 7:19:53
TF2 активировался без проблем.
03.10.2017 20:43:43
30.09.2017 21:58:05
17.09.2017 19:10:48
Всё гуд!!!!
23.08.2017 12:26:09
Спасибо, все отлично
19.07.2017 1:09:40
30.06.2017 16:20:01
Все отлично.Только у меня вопрос что оно должно делать ?Точнее team fortress 2 premium dlc ?
19.06.2017 12:06:49
Very good!!!
13.05.2017 22:49:54
11.04.2017 17:49:25
всё ок

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