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We all know that not so long ago, Yandex has introduced a new algorithm for ranking sites (a full version of the report -, which allows you to define paid links on sites sold on the reference markets.

To determine the paid link or not, the bot uses a very interesting admission. He podstvlyaet addressed MORE nonexistent parameter (eg and compares the results. In most cases, the page will not change anything, except for paid links. They will disappear, because in the address of the page there are additional unknown parameters (you can check for yourself).

Anonymizer allows you to filter such requests and keep the links on the page, whatever parameters the robot has not set. Thus, all the paid links on your site to the search engines are natural and you lower the chances of getting into a ban or lower in the rankings because of your type of earnings.

As a result of the purchase, you will get the upgraded script sape.php, which is installed on your site, and configuration instructions anonymizer.
Also, after purchase you can get free technical support for ICQ (the number specified in the configuration file of the script).
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