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The program for rewriting ReWrite Suite is a versatile tool that will help you simplify and accelerate the process of writing articles. Now, the text of which is written a new article will be in front of your eyes.

This program solves the following problems / inconveniences that may be encountered during operation copywriter:

1) Material is always before his eyes.

2) If there are several sources of material, it can keep before our eyes, and make active use without resorting to other windows.

3) known to the time spent on writing.

4) We know the number of characters "without gaps" and the number of words in the "on-line". There is no need to open the tab "Statistics" in the Word MS.

5) Depending on the degree of eye fatigue, you can adjust the font size and color of the text boxes.

6) Compare the newly written article with the original touch of a button.

7) In the event of similar shingles, a program for rewriting display them - it will only have to change it.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7.

Sincerely author program
31.03.2015 20:28:26
Никаких претензий к продавцу не имею. Спасибо за оперативность.
06.03.2014 15:02:43
Очень хорошая программа! В обоих окошках можно сравнить варианты текста. Также программа показывает на сколько процентов исходный текст отличается от той версии текста, который я переписал. Это самая, на мой взгляд, полезная опция!
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