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The Eighth Edition of The Mariner’s Handbook has been compiled by J A Petty, Master Mariner. The United Kingdom
Hydrographic Office has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that this publication contains all the appropriate information obtained by and assessed by it at the date shown below. Information received or assessed after that date will be included in Notices to Mariners where appropriate. Details of what Notices to Mariners are, and how to use them, may be found in Chapter 1 of this publication.

This edition supersedes the Seventh Edition (1999) and Supplement No 1 (2003), which are cancelled.

Information on meteorology and currents has been based on data provided by the Meteorological Office, Exeter, United Kingdom.

Information on operations in Polar Regions has been supplied by British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The following sources of information, other than Hydrographic Office Publications and Ministry of Defence papers, have been
Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters, Canadian Coast Guard (1999).
Ice Seamanship, Captain G. Q. Parnell (Nautical Institute) (1986).
Svensk Lots del A, Swedish Hydrographic Office (1992).

Views of cloud formations and auroral forms reprinted courtesy of the Meteorological Office.
Views of sea states reprinted courtesy of the Meteorological Office and Environment Canada.
Views of ice formations reprinted courtesy of British Antarctic Survey.

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