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After payment you will immediately receive a key to activate the game The Ball: Guns of the dead in the Steam and the inclusion of all network functions of the game.

In addition, we are launching a campaign for our loyal customers. For every 5 purchase of any goods made by the sellerMediaSoft, since 1 December 2011 the buyer gets to choose one of the games from the STEAM company "New Disc" and "1C": RaceOn, Lost Planet Extreme Condition, Prey, Scourge Project, Shatter. Cooperate, buy your friends and get your prize !!! The main condition - for all purchases you have to post reviews.

For any questions related to the holding of shares, please contact the seller. The shares are not participating resellers with a personalized discount of 5% or more. The number of keys is limited, the seller reserves the right at the end of promotional key to stop the action.

Key The Ball: Guns of the dead has no regional restrictions - REGION FREE, and can be activated in any country. Language games - Russian, English, and others. !!!

At The Ball: The weapon you dead - a young archaeologist who enters the underground labyrinth hidden in the depths of a sleeping volcano. Your way to the surface is through the ruins of an ancient civilization, full of deadly traps and crowds of bloodthirsty enemies. Your only hope for salvation - a powerful artifact from the past: a huge sphere made of gold and steel, which you will learn to command. It is now on it depends entirely on your life: the wise and the ability to host a round artifact will be formidable reliable protection traps indispensable tool in solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. On the spawn of the underworld of the dead Scope unleash the full power and heaviness of his supernatural power.

Get out alive from the dungeon, solve the mystery of a long time ago deceased people - become the ruler of Sphere!

• Play The Ball: Guns of the dead is a unique and inimitable blend of two genres - action with the addition of puzzle.

• «Motor" game - ultra-modern engine Unreal Engine - provides it with graphics and physics of the highest class.

• Solid Gold Sphere - actually the second protagonist of the game: it helps to win enemies, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

• hordes of monsters, among which you will meet such items as the revived mummy or a giant gorilla.

• Intense gameplay The Ball: Guns of the dead, skillfully combining the bloody battles against the decision of the original puzzles.

MediaSoft - 11 years! The quality of time-tested!
ATTENTION !!! Seller will never be to ask you to send a purchased key for confirmation, identification, receipt of gifts, etc. If you receive this letter, know that it is working crooks. Be very careful not to fall for such tricks !!!

Instructions on how to activate the key The Ball: Weapons of the Dead:

1. Download and install Steam, Registered account on Steam.

2. Click "Add game - activated via Steam" and follow the instructions. After activation of the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it.

VNMANIE After activation serial key in the steam, the key becomes not valid, ie, they can not re-use.

Be sure to remember, and better write down all the details of your account! Without them, you will not be able to gain access to active games in the future.

Dear customer, in order to avoid lock key and your accounts are purchased KEYS bought from an official supplier.

BEWARE OF CHEAP suspicious code as They can be purchased by legal means NOT AND CAUSE bananas.

We take full responsibility for the products sold by us and give 100% guarantee of purity of the code and that the code has not been previously activated somewhere.

We are always happy to help you and to answer any of your questions. We are working from 10-00 to 18-00 on weekdays from 11-00 to 15-00 on Saturday and Sunday (Moscow time), Monday - closed.

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