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Turnkey affiliate store with goods from avtomoticheskim completion of new products, with advertising space, with lots of functions without backlinks.

The script uses Ajax + Web 2.0 + MySQL + PHP + JavaScript + Cache Page ie fast speed, little load on the server, caching, etc. etc.

After setting up the store - it will be completely independent and will only increase its popularity and, consequently, profitability.

Here is the script to work with all default settings: http://magazin-mobilka.icdvm.com note that all blocks to the left and right can be swapped in the configuration file, as well as the entire design.

Hosting Requirements:



It curls necessary for the basket on your site, but can do without it.

Domain - at any level

Having bought the script you will get the opportunity to receive an agency commission from each product sold, the profit from clicks and ad impressions as well as from the sale of options.

Shop without backlinks, optimized for search bots, with built-in basket with lots of features. A more detailed description: http://magazin-mobilka.icdvm.com/opisaniemagazina.php

At this point in the product of more than 3000 products.


10% - 30% of the total order amount of goods for the use of this script revenue of 15%. The minimum payment amount is set at 1 ruble for translation through. Yandex and WM, and 150 rubles for mail order.

+ Income from Clicks, banner advertising from the site (I embedded advertising from Google, WMlink, but can be changed to any)

+ Income from the sale of links, articles (rental of advertising space)

Your earnings will depend on the number of visitors to your site.

Personally, I only sell goods to the site TIC which was 0-10 per month for 2009-2010gody get from 40 / month 700 / month rubles, site traffic from the 1st to 240chelovek per day (statistics on average per year).

All you have to do - is:

- Register and get http://partners.all-gsm.ru/index.php?page=signup&ref=5008 agent number ID;

- Register in the system Google AdSense http://www.google.ru/intl/ru/ads/ create ads;

- Register in the stock options Mainlink http://www.mainlink.ru/?partnerid=18878;

- Register in the stock options LinkFead http://www.linkfeed.ru/7029 and connect it to the stock exchange Mainlink;

- Register in the stock options Propage http://www.propage.ru/flyer.1826235.html;

- To insert the data according to the instructions in the agency store.

- Upload the script on hosting.

(If you do not have a host, I recommend this http://hostia.ru/billing/host.php?uid=2414&bid=1)

- Be registered in the search engines. You can yourself, as you can through the automatic service http://go.1ps.ru/pr/p.php?210845

Search Engine Optimization:

All site this script perfectly indexed, more integrated set of functions for optimization.

I recommend to change the design of the site you want to give it original appearance and originality in terms of search engines. You can also add some of his original texts.

Full management of meta tags and automatically fill

The prefixes and many lotions for the original address links

Ability to view the site visit by the search bots (Statistics conducted and recorded in a separate file)

This script is a fully open source - can change everything on your own, but the replacement of the code files * .inc.php not guarantee full functionality!

The script after unpacking takes approximately 2.5 MB

The archive script takes about 1.5Mv

Link to download 8 patterns in the archive. Templates approximately 1.6Mv
Having bought the script you will receive an additional 8 patterns, plus the existing 5 (raznotsvetovye}

!!! Please leave your positive feedback !!!

Help to install code exchanges only those who registered on my ref links, the rest are on their instructions in the archive, my phone there.

Dear first buyer contact me for an update because it is the first bought a script does not work due to a recent update from administrators affiliate.
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