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Revision 2010.

Modern debut for the practical management of the game. The basis of the book: "The system Chebanenko Slav 4 ... a6", a detailed description of all the lines 5.c5, 5.e3, 5.a4,, 5.Bg5, 5.Ne5, 5.Bf4, 5.Qb3, 5.Qc2, 5.h3, 5.g3. The material is made up, primarily, to play black, but will certainly be interesting for the players white.

The structure of the book and includes the latest in modern surveys 2007-2010 leading analysts theoretical discussion the "attack line 7.Bd2 games Topalov," "promising weapon in the form 5.a4", "Tactical Line Bg5 players creative plan" and other authors mg D.Rogozenko, R.Scherbakov, R.Hyubnera. All new material tested, analyzed deeply critical position engines Rybka, Fritz, Toga and on the basis propose new options under an hour, fundamentally changes the position estimate.
Note that the book "system Chebanenko 4 ... a6", is not just a guide to a specific debut debut. A material for games and practical to achieve athletic performance!

Thus, in a number of positions discussed in detail and other debut schemes, such as Meran, Grunfeld builds circuits received the Queen's Gambit. Methods of game, especially middlegame positions - everything a good look, including games with the comments of leading grandmasters. Separate indexation options for the players position or a tactical style options positional victims' pawn, the quality of the initiative. "

Material Composition:

Theory of 110 text pages, 450 games + options.

Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh and complies with Chess-Practic.

Archive: e-book .cbh open the program ChessBase 9-11, Fritz 9-12
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