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Revision 2007, Rus

Based on the popular e-book Alexey Bartashnikov: "The basic principles of chess strategy. Course 1"

The first database "Chess Strategy 1" contains the following elements and debut middlegame strategy: fight for the center, the rapid development of the figures, the correct formulation of the pawns, king safety, plan and position estimation, the pawn and the pawn structure (related pawns, isolated, doubled pawns, communicating and pawns "nail"), pawn wedge pawn chain types pawn protect the king.

Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh and complies with Chess-Practic.

Archive: e-book .cbh open the program ChessBase 9-11, Fritz 9-12
1. Center.

2. The development and interaction of shapes.

3. Structure of the pawns.

4. Strong and weak points and field.

5. Open files and diagonals.

6. The advantage of a pair of elephants.

7. The position of the king.

About these and other elements of chess strategy and we'll talk in this course.

Consistent training.

This course consists of the following chapters of study: Text Examples and Test (training).
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