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Revision 2006.

More than 500 gambits! Material for more general information, but the idea of \u200b\u200bcreating gambits visible.

Considers positional pawn sacrifice, and figures in modern and relevant ways.

No less interesting are the rare openings, options, unconventional moves and continue.

Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh and complies with Chess-Practic.

Archive: e-book .cbh open the program ChessBase 9-11, Fritz 9-12
The material contains 3 groups:

1. Gambitnye openings based on solid positional basis so as gambits in its pure form - is the most commonly used debuts in practice.

2. Gambitnye ideas in standard openings - it is designed and produced in a variety of options for openings. Often they are used chess players of high qualification, such as Anand, Morozevich, Shirov and others. Many options are, in fact, it is hard to call a gambit, for example, the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez or the many options in the Sicilian Defense does not calculate the strength and even more to give a final assessment, even modern computers. On the outcome of the game has the ability to affect the personal chess, Raman vision, tactical calculations. Not a few important psychological factor.

3. Rare gambits - it is continuing with dubious positional ideas and therefore rarely encountered.
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