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E-book "Lessons from the classical navigation" is composed of lectures of the teacher of the highest category of the Murmansk Marine fishery College. II Mesyatsev Kisenkova Vladimir Ilyich. Designed for graduates of maritime and fishing fleet.

In archive two files - fb2 for reading on mobile devices and desktop pdf.


1. Using a magnetic compass to determine direction.

2. Using a gyro to determine trends.

3. Determination of the amendments of the compass.

4. Determination of the ship's speed and distance traveled.

5. The marine cartography.

6. Lifting cards.

7. Radar rise cards.

8. The dead reckoning vessel.

9. dead reckoning, taking into account the vessel wind drift.

10. The dead reckoning, taking into account vessel DC current.

11. The dead reckoning vessel while taking drift and currents.

12. Fundamentals of determining the ship's position by observation.

13. Determination of the vessel's two horizontal angles.

14. Determination of the vessel's two bearings are required.

15. Determination of the vessel on three bearings are required.

16. Determination of the distance of the vessel.

17. Determination of the vessel at different times isolines.

18. Determination of the vessel combined methods.

19. Use of mesh contour while swimming in the cramped conditions of navigation.

20. Calculation loxodromic and great circle distance.

21. Laying the Great Circle.

22. Tidal phenomena and their registration in the navigation.
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