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Ed. 2010.

Issue 2 series on modern strategy Gm Peter Wells

Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh and complies with Chess-Practic.

Archive: e-book .cbh open the program ChessBase 9-11, Fritz 9-12
Rus - text pages in Russian.

Eng - material in the near term on the translation into Russian. Updates can be downloaded from the same link.

Information about the new translations will be posted on the site in news.


1. Extravagant g-pawn? Anatomy moves g2-g4 (g7-g5). Rus. STRATEGY 88

A detailed study of the progress g2-g4 (g7-g5), quickly entered practice in the debut.

2. The celebration of the art protection. Eng. STRATEGY 89

Art of protection as one of the most important moments of the game of chess. It is necessary to develop a sense of confidence in all positions. In any position there are hidden reserves!

3. Development of an attacking instinct. Part 1. Eng. STRATEGY 90

Strategic aspects of the development of the attacking instinct. Handout.

4. Development of an attacking instinct. Part 2. Eng. STRATEGY 91

In the second part of the follow Tal saying: "As long as my opponent has not yet made a castling, I'm looking for every excuse to start during the attack, even when I know that it is not the king is now in danger."

5. The real difficulty in color complexes - Part 1: New Perspectives. Rus. STRATEGY 92

Understanding the particular position, will allow you to confidently anticipate possible complications in positional play.

6. The real difficulty in color complexes - Part 2. Development Initiative. Rus. STRATEGY 93

We consider here the color complexes and a few elephants. Opportunities for development initiatives, even if not equivalent to the balance of forces.

7. NEW! - The debut and finding a new one. Part 1. Eng. STRATEGY 94

GM Peter Wells: "The most striking feature debut many new products - it is simple logic underlying.

8.NOVINKA! - The debut and finding a new one. Part 2. Eng. STRATEGY 95

9. Material inconsistency - Part 1: Lightweight figure against pawns. Rus. STRATEGY 96

GM Peter Wells starts unusually interesting theme in modern chess. The ability to play and understand such a position - a high-class player.

10. Tangible non-compliance - Part 2: Queen against other figures. Rus. STRATEGY 97

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