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Issue 3 series of modern strategy Gm Peter Wells

Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh and complies with Chess-Practic.

Archive: e-book .cbh open the program ChessBase 9-11, Fritz 9-12

1. Material inconsistency - Part 3A: rook against two lung shapes. Rus. STRATEGY 98

This alphabet is already playing for the top-class players kmc. The article detailed and accurately specified benchmarks in the transition to a position of this type.

2. Material inconsistency - Part 3B: rook against two lung shapes. Rus. STRATEGY 99

Features in the middlegame, and saturated in malofigurnom endgame.

3. The opening preparation - the guiding principle. Part 1. Rus. 100 STRATEGY

The main purpose of the author - is how to optimize your game in the opening using personal training.

4. opening preparation - the guiding principle. Part 2. Rus. 101 STRATEGY

In this second part focuses on the development of opening theory and computer use.

5. "The focus of the center." Part 1. Rus. 102 STRATEGY

"Vanished center", a game with a minimal advantage + = \\ =. These specific theme, little studied in modern literature, and are considered in this review.

6. "The focus of the center." Part 2. Rus. 103 STRATEGY

We consider the game a pair of elephants and their power in the control fields. Also focus on the security of figures; the use of open lines; battle for the initiative; Progressive sacrifice pawns.

7. "The importance of the field d5". Rus. 104 STRATEGY

Various schemes debut: Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense - options Sveshnikov, Maroczy with e5, the Queen's Indian structure.

Representative Party, according to the method of "strategy fields".

8. "Hanging pawns" - extended look. Part 1. Rus. 105 STRATEGY

Classical structure. New methods of games, including the c4-c5! GM Peter Wells begins consideration of this important topic

9. "Hanging pawns" - extended look. Part 2. Rus. 106 STRATEGY

The modifications in pawn structure protecting hand. Analysis of features for a couple of pawns "e" and "f", "d" and "e".

10. All "for" and "against" pawn move ... d5 in the Sicilian defense. Part 1. Rus. 107 STRATEGY

Topics: 1) The breakdown of pawn center: a) counterblow in the center; b) Coordination figures competing for space; 2) Question counterplay!?;
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