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Lesson plans for science for Grade 3.


1 quarter

Lesson 1. Algorithm (do - again, do - two)

Lesson 2: The scheme of algorithm (arrows instead of numbers)

Lesson 3: Branching algorithm (arrow "YES" arrow or "no"?)

Lesson 4: The cycle algorithm (say it again)

Lesson 5: Algorithms with branching and cycles

Lesson 6. Preparation for tests

Lesson 7. Examination number 1

Lessons 8-9. Repeat

2 quarter

Lesson 1: The composition and action of the object (What it is? What can?)

Lesson 2: Group objects. Common name (What's that? Who's that?)

Lesson 3. General properties of objects in the group (that anyone there? What can anyone?) Special object properties sub-group (What else is there? What else are able to?)

Lesson 4: A single object name (name for all, and the name for each) The characteristics of objects (What is the difference?)

Lesson 5: Preparing for the control number 2

6. Examination Lesson number 2

Lessons 7-8. Repeat

3 quarter

Lesson 1: A lot. The number of elements of the set (for the Island set) subset (on the island - the country, the country - the city)

Lesson 2. Items that are not belonging to the set. Intersection of sets (the word "NOT", "AND", "OR" on the map set)

Lesson 3. The intersection and union of sets (the word "NOT", "AND", "OR" on the map set)

Lesson 4: The truth of the statements. Denial. The truth of the statements with the word "NO" ("YES" or "NO")

Lesson 5: The truth of the statements with the words "AND", "OR"

Lesson 6. Count. The vertices and edges of the graph (Which points to connect?)

Lesson 7: A graph with directed edges (arrows When help?)

Lesson 8. Preparing to control the number 3

Lesson 9. Examination number 3

Lessons 10-11. Repeat
4 quarter

Lesson 1: Analogy (What is it like?)

Lesson 2. The pattern (By what rule?)

Lesson 3: A similar pattern (the same or a similar rule)

Lesson 4. A similar pattern

Lesson 5: Preparing for the control number 4

6. Examination Lesson number 4

Lesson 7. The winning strategy (Who benefits?)

Lesson 8. A winning strategy



"Dictation on the cell"


"What is it? Who is it?"


"Name a subject in group"

"What is the difference?"

"What sign? Whose symptoms?"

"PYRAMID sets"

"What I am?"

"That on the intersection?"

"Speak contrary"


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