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Everyone knows that the more links to your site, the greater the TIC and PR. Recently catalogs gone by the wayside, and blogs are increasing. Links with comments work better than those from catalogs, but in normal circumstances, this process is quite time consuming - first you need to find a blog with a lot of similar subjects TIC and PR, to check whether the links are not closed in the noindex and nofollow, check the possibility of adding comments to this blog. .. And if we take into account that the owners of blogs easily recognize avtogenerirovanny comment and reject it, thus getting them gets really tedious task.

This kit has everything to speed up and simplify the comments of blogs!

That's what can this full service:

The script on the machine will pick up blogs with large puzomerki (TIC and PR) in accordance with a given theme (found blogs have trust in them and a link will be indexed quickly enough);

Calculate the noindex and nofollow tag on the page;

Sort blogs descending TIC and PR;

Exports the list of found blogs puzomerok indicating the presence of the tag and hiding links;

You create a campaign (specify anchor and link), and start to register - script in turn will offer blogs with the greatest TIC and PR (because to them it is worth spending time in the first place), and then move to the next comment.

The next day, if you do not have time to go through all the blogs in a certain category, bydet can continue from where you left off!

As a result, you get a unique and nezaspamlennuyu base blogs on subjects with which will be able to cheat TIC own and others' sites from +20 to +70 (TIC showed up last exactly such numbers for some of my sites). The total TIC base specific theme can be up to 350,000 or more, depending on the subject and description.
Working with simple and clear even a schoolboy, setting the local computer takes less than 2 minutes (!). Installation instructions and recommendations for quality work with the system in the archive. Support is provided to the coordinates specified therein.
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