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1) Formatki for AutoCAD

Dimensions: A1, A2, A3, A4, specification sheet 2, die

Position: vertical and horizontal

Languages: Russian and Ukrainian

File Format: dwg

Made according to GOST

2) Templates Standard and ESKD (GOST.dwt and ESKD.dwt)

3) Formatki for WORD

Formatki for major labels (Form 1, Form 2, Form 2A), made in the style of kolontitutov

Russian Specification (2 pages), made in the style of table

Specification for Ukrainian (2 sheets), made in the style of table

Russian Specification (2 pages, Form 1 and Form 1a), in the style of headers and footers

Frames explanatory notes (2 versions)

Frames (Form 2a)
In addition:

Fonts in Russian and Ukrainian fonts on GOST

GOST 2.303-68.shx, SPDS.shx, CS_Gost2304.shx

shxviewer - A utility for font viewing .shx

Text formatting codes
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