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Server-side script to gather statistics liveinternet. The script parses the data for many sites, stores them, draws the graphics and displays them in the table.

Pars following data:

The number of visitors

Number of views

Jumps from search engines (data on each search engine)

Number of sessions, host reboots, the average views per visitor, on average online, and others.

There are configurable as the output data on the graph and table. You can choose which data to show what is not.

A distinctive feature of the script - the ability to group sites into categories, and view statistics by category. It will be very useful to the owners of the plurality of MFA doorways. Conclusion according to categories identical to the conclusion the data on the site - for example, you can see how many people come from Yandex, Google and other sites on a group of SS.

System requirements for hosting:

1) MySQL 4.x and higher

2) PHP 5.x and above

3) PHP library Gd (for generating graphs)

4) PHP library Surl

5) Cron - for convenience

It works on most popular hosts.

In the archive:

Script installation instructions, instructions for use.

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