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Program Description:

1. When you start the game the main window appears select the submitted form Start, in which you can choose how to display a clock, digital or analog.

2. When choosing a digital window appears, represented a form of digital, in which the system time is displayed in digital form.

If you are selected as analog form, then a window represented a form of Analog, in which the system time is displayed in analog form.

3. The context menu of the game has three points: Close, Help, and the transition to another mode (if the menu is called in analog mode, you will be presented with the transition to digital and vice versa).

When you click in the menu item Close all windows are closed, and its execution is complete.

When you click Help, a dialog box pops up, which displays information about the developers.

When you switch to another mode, display the current window closes and a new, in which the time will be displayed in a different form.


The project was implemented in the environment of Visual Studio 2005 in C #

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